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Even a race car has to visit a box once in a while...

We – men, know more about our cars than about our health and body...

We know everything about cars and we do anything to keep them in best possible condition. Often and regularly. And never too late. We know the maintenance schedule of our machines by heart.

With the care of our bodies and health is, however, quite the opposite...

We visit the workshop (the doctor) only when it is really bad. We never think that it is better to prevent than to cure.

It is only we who know that pleasant shiver when we are sitting behind the wheel of a powerful machine. Scientists have even proven that in such moments, our testosterone level rises and they compare this state to the ecstasy we experience during... sex.

It is common to hear that a man behind the wheel of a sports car wants to cure his sexual impotency and "elongate" his manhood just by owning such a great machine.

mens vitality

Unfortunately, there is a seed of truth in it...

Many people who are successful in business compensate their old life in this manner – constant stress, improper nutrition, haste, alcohol, tobacco… Finally they achieve their fortune.

But what are all these precious things in the face of sexual impotence?

What is potency for a man?

Sexual potency is the soul of every man!

PROJECT ANDROS Men’s Vitality was designed for men, who want to improve or regain their vitality.

PROJECT ANDROS Men’s Vitality is a unique training program supported by the medical knowledge and performed entirely on a specialized and professionally designed world-class equipment. The program has positive effects on your health in general and it strengthens the muscles that have significant role during a sexual act (so called erectile muscles / potency muscles).

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